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Town Planning Scheme of Surat got Approval by Gujarat Government


This is a very good news for the people of Surat and specially for project developers and builders. Suda and SMC had sent various T.P Schemes of Surat long time back for approval to Gujarat Government and suddenly 12 of them got final approval from Gujarat Government.

T.P Schemes are made so the the city’s new development is organized well with bigger roads and lots of other amenities. Unless a T.P is sanctioned the builders can get approval for the projects. But now various new areas will see new projects in the time to come.

These new areas will have the basic facilities like sewage lines, roads, proper electricity and water by SMC till 2014 apart from other facilities.

The T.P’s which got approval today are

  1. T. P Scheme No. 24 – Tunki
  2. T. P Scheme No. 25 – Singanpur – Tunki
  3. T. P Scheme No. 16 – Pal
  4. T. P Scheme No. 77 – Dumas,  Bhimpore, Gaviyar
  5. T. P Scheme No. 73 – Utran
  6. T. P Scheme No. 78 – Dumas,  Bhimpore, Gaviyar
  7. T. P Scheme No. 79 – Sultanabad – Bhimpore
  8. T. P Scheme No. 74 – Pal
  9. T. P Scheme No. 81 – Dumas
  10. T. P Scheme No. 80 – Sultanabad
  11. T. P Scheme No. 22 – Sarthana – Valak
  12. T. P Scheme No. 31 – Gavier

We are expecting some huge and lavish development on the Dumas Road now. Many builders have already planned their projects here but were awaiting this TP approval and all those will get going soon.

With lots of new scope of development the price of the property will remain stagnant for a while.

Please comment below your thoughts on the effect of these new T.P’s.