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Current Real Estate Scenario in India

India is reckoned as one of the fastest growing economies of the world and owing to its inherent advantages of a large consumer base, raw material resources, world class manufacturing capabilities, competitively priced talent base, a comprehensive legal and tax system and a strong operating financial system has become a preferred investment and business destination.

The evidence of the rapid domestic growth is best seen on the real estate landscape. The fast paced development in the real estate market has been both a driver as well as a passenger of the increasing prosperity in India. The segment is flourishing rapidly, propelled by strong demand drivers and significant transformations such as deregulations of the sector, increasing transparency and professionalism, improved product quality and service standard etc.

In spite of growth in real estate industry, like in any emerging sector, the Indian market also has its own share of risks and hurdles. In such a complex real estate market, we assist occupiers, developers, financiers and investors, by structuring and delivering customized real estate solutions.

As the Indian real estate market progresses toward unprecedented growth and fundamental structural changes, we will play an ever more active role, with a focus on creating economic efficiencies, promoting international best practices and contributing to market growth.

Rentxperts is ideally poised to maximize this scenario for present and potential clients. With a large team of real estate specialists working in different verticals across vast geographical arena, we have our hands on the pulse of the Indian real estate market.

Our Service Lines :

We offer an impressive array of specialized services in different sectors. Each service line has its own dedicated team of specialist and consultants.

  1. Corporate leasing _ office space / Retail / Banking / Large Format – Built to Suit
  2. Investment Advisory
  3. Land Acquisition
  4. Research, Consulting and Valuation.